The dance program includes:

  • 5 hours of workshops in 3 dancefloors for 6 days
  • dances: zouk, lambazouk, kizomba, salsa, bachata, samba de gafieira, west coast swing, bolero and more
  • 7 parties in 2 dancefloors with umlimited finish:
  • special practices for minor dances from 21:00 - 22:00 (samba de gafieira, tango, ballroom etc.)
  • boat party (not included in the price, last year was the price 200 KUNA per person including lunch)
  • afternoon dance program at the beach
  • animations
  • high quality sound system
  • lof of fun!!! :-)

The workshops and parties schedule: 

...will be added until 31st May 2017...


You can see an example from last year - workshops schedule 2016

Watch the video compilation from ZOUKTIME! dance holiday 2016 made by Adam Novak:

Watch the video compilation  ZOUKTIME! dance holiday 2015 made by Ioana Catalina Eachim):