Travel options and recommendations

By organized BUS

The travel agency is organizing buses from many Czech cities.

The price of the bus is 2000 CZK / 74 euro per person from Czech cities and 82 euro from Bratislava. Price for other cities on the way on demand.


Standard bus pick up stations:

Praha, Jihlava, Brno, Opava , Ostrava, Frýdek Místek, Nový Jičín, Hranice, Lipník nad Bečvou, Olomouc, Prostějov


Indicative times (there will be probably two buses with different times):

Departure from Prague: about 20:30 on Saturday 2nd September 2017

Departure from Brno: about 22:30 on Saturday 2nd September 2017

Supposed arrival to Kačjak:  about 11:00 on Sunday 3rd September 2017

Departure for return journey: about 12:00 on Sunday 10th September 2017


By own CAR

Indicative durations:

Prague -> Kačjak – 8,5 hours
Brno -> Kačjak - 6,5 hours
Bratislava -> Kačjak - 6 hours
Vienna -> Kačjak – 5 hours
Budapest -> Kačjak - 5 hours
Zurich -> Kačjak - 8 hours
Dresden/Erfurt -> Kačjak – 9,5 hours


Highway fees:

Austrian vignette – 10 euro for 10 days
Slovenian vignette – 15 euro for 7 days (you will need two or montly for 30 euro!)
Croatian tolls – about 20 euro both ways



Parking is possible for free in the resort.



ATTENTION! We will not organize transport from the airports and the travel agency aswell. Below we will provide information for you to organize your transport easiest way and later we will add recommended phone numbers for croatian taxi/shuttle services.


Highly recommended airport is RIJEKA. Unfortunately there are not many flights and they are not cheap. But the transport from the airport is very easy (15 minutes by car or taxi) in comparison to other airports.

Flights to Rijeka -
Flights from Rijeka -

From Rijeka you can use the bus to Dramalj, taxi or you can ask us to help on email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Next recommended airport is ZAGREB

Public bus from Zagreb airport to Zagreb bus main station is going every 30 minutes and travel takes 30 min., then you have to take the bus from Zagreb bus main station to Rijeka or directly to Dramalj or Crikvenica. The travel takes 2-3 hours and oneway price is between 70 - 140 KUNA (10 - 18 euro). More info you can find at The list of buses from Zagreb centre to Dramalj on 1st September you can find here - Don't arrive to Zagreb airport later than at 15:30, latest bus from Zagreb main station leaves at 16:30 and later you will have to overnight there...


You can use also PULA or LJUBLJANA airports, the distance is similar to ZAGREB but we have no experience with transport. We will try to add some info here later.


Last possibility is to use Prague or Vienna aiport and join our buses but you will have to get to some pick up place and be there on time, the buses will not wait.


WE DON'T recommend SPLIT airport, it's very far!



Walking on foot takes 123 hours from Brno and 144 hours from Prague.